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How good people can get involved
The worth of corrections programs in Elkhart County is immeasurable. The participating clergy, lay people, educators and mentors offer compassion and counsel to inmates wanting and needing direction in their lives.

Cory Martin is the lead corrections chaplain, working full time in a non-denominational role. He serves as a liaison between inmates, their families and the corrections staff, and has earned the trust and respect of all those involved.

Individuals interested in participating as a volunteer in the correctional facility must submit an application and attend a volunteer orientation. Volunteer orientations are typically held once a month in the training room of the jail. The training room can be accessed through the employee entrance which is in front of the handicap parking spaces at the back of the building. Orientations are currently scheduled on the following dates and times:

Tuesday 10/06/15 at 5pm

Monday 11/09/15 at 5pm

Thursday 12/03/15 at 5pm

Wednesday 01/06/16 at 5pm

Monday 02/01/16 at 5pm

Thursday 03/03/16 at 5pm

Tuesday 04/05/16 at 5pm

Monday 05/02/16 at 5pm

Wednesday 06/01/16 at 5pm

Tuesday 07/05/16 at 5pm

Monday 08/01/16 at 5pm

Thursday 09/01/16 at 5pm

Monday 10/03/16 at 5pm

Tuesday 11/01/16 at 5pm

Thursday 12/01/16 at 5pm

Submitted applications will not be reviewed or approved until an individual has attended an orientation. Once the application has been approved, volunteers can use classrooms or interview rooms any day between 9am to 11:30am, 1:30pm to 3pm, and 6:30pm to 9pm. Arrangements to use a room may be made by emailing Lt. Kris Klosinski. Rooms not reserved in advance will be utilized on a first-come first-served basis. Volunteers will not be allowed to use a room to visit an inmate to whom they are related. Approved volunteers must also submit any course or program materials to Lt. Kris Klosinski for review and acceptance.