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Dealing with issues, using what works
Standardized assessments of convicted individuals, along with effective monitoring of rehabilitation and treatment opportunities, will help the local criminal justice system achieve an important goal - a reduction in the number of repeat offenders.

People convicted of crimes in Elkhart County complete an assessment process. The information gives judges a clearer picture of the person's risks and needs, as well as details about the appropriate programs or services that should be made available.

Programs endorsed by the Elkhart County Community Corrections Advisory Board for use by local courts must meet certain standards and provide evidence the treatment will enhance an individual's ability to sustain a crime-free life and succeed after conviction.

The CCAB is a group of diverse individuals meeting regularly to discuss these types of issues. The board consists of judges, top law enforcement officials, educators, service providers and others. The director of community corrections works with the CCAB and oversees the progress made through the use of rehabilitation and treatment programs.