Elkhart County Sheriff's Department

Celebrating our Character

This week Patrol Officer Josh Whitehead and Patrol Officer Brad Newcomer were recognized for their outstanding character as they have both finished their first year with the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department.

Ptl. Whitehead was recognized for his initiative, as he is constantly looking for what needs to be done, and accomplishing it before being asked.  When seeing what needs to be done, rather than thinking “someone should do this...” he will seize that moment and either finish it himself, or help others finish the task at hand. Ptl Whitehead’s persistent initiative bolsters his ability to fulfill his responsibilities both on and off duty.

Ptl. Newcomer was recognized for his determination, as he continually overcomes any obstacle in his way in order to reach his goal. He faces each challenge with a purposeful outlook, dealing with distractions, changing his tactics as needed, and refusing to give up, in order to complete his goal. Through Ptl Newcomer’s enduring determination, he has set a standard for himself and others to overcome anything that may get in the way and to always achieve his goals.



Thank you officers, for your continued service!