Elkhart County Sheriff's Department

Celebrating our Character

Recently, Detective Jim Smith and Process Server Steve Mock were recognized for their outstanding character.

Detective Jim Smith was recognized for his loyalty, as he continues to demonstrate his commitment to others. Detective Smith has always been committed to his work with the department and invests his time and energy with the people he encounters. He has also been a vital part to the Sheriff’s Department for 30 years, proving his loyalty not only to the department, but to the community as well.

Process server Steve Mock was recognized for his enthusiasm, as his interest and excitement is clearly expressed in what he does. Steve continues to have a smile on his face as he greets everyone he may come in contact with, as well as encouraging and motivating others to do the same. Steve’s enthusiasm has spread throughout the department, creating a joyful environment for his fellow coworkers.

Congratulations gentlemen! We are proud to have you on our team.

Also, thank you, Detective Smith for your continued service to this department!