Elkhart County Sheriff's Department

Employee Recognition

Service Awards - Recognizing Continuous Years of Service

‚Äč25 Year Milestone:


Norma Alber

Norma L. Alber began with the Sheriff's Department in the Jail Division on September 23, 1991, and has since served as a Jail Sergeant, Patrol Officer, Warrants Officer, Detective, Jail Captain, and is now back serving as Detective in the Detective Bureau. She counts among her most  emorable achievements the 17 years she has been serving as an instructor teaching self defense to women in Elkhart County through the RAD Program (Rape Aggression Defense). Norma also shared that her most memorable supervisor was Captain John Schoemann who gave her the following words of wisdom, "The world is not fair, so don't expect it be here." She further stated she, "Loved that guy." She also noted how things have changed over the years so that now everything is paperless and centered around the computer. Norma has been married for 28 years and has four wonderful children and eight grandchildren and has enjoyed watching them all grow up. Her hobbies include going to baseball games and spending time with her family. Norma also stated, "This is the best job I have ever had. Of course, it is the only full time job I have ever held."



Jeff Siegel

Jeff A. Siegel began his career with the Sheriff's Department on July 1, 1991, as a Patrol Officer for six years, two as a uniformed officer and four as an undercover officer with the Elkhart County Drug Task
Force. In 1997, he was promoted to Detective and then in 2004 to Captain of the Detective Bureau where he continues to serve today. Being promoted to Captain is both his most memorable and proudest achievement. After his graduation from Ball State, the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department was the first agency to offer him a position as a Police Officer. At that time, he was working in Corrections for LaGrange County. "I am dedicated to serving our citizens, I believe in advocating for victims of crime and the men and women I serve with are an amazing bunch of people," Jeff shared as some of the many reasons he has stayed. Among the biggest changes in the past 25 years, Jeff noted technology. "I was hired in an era of here is your badge, gun and radio. Go to work." He also remembered being issued map books. Today, Patrol officers have a phone, computer, printer and GPS available in their cars along with other technological advances. Jeff has been married to his wife, Becky, for 27 years this summer. They have a son who is a recruiter in San Diego and a daughter who s finishing her freshman year of college in Midland, MI. Jeff's hobbies include biking, ATV's and watching his daughter play college volleyball.


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Employees With 25 or More Years of Continuous Service:

Lon A Smith 42 Years
Charles E. Payne 41 Years
Randall L. Cripe 38 Years
Susan G. Graves 38 Years
Randy K. Mockler 38 Years
Fred E. Mock 34 Years
Mary E. Letherman 31 Years
Don C Cramer 32 Years
John G Perry 32 Years
Jayna K. Chenoweth 29 Years
Bradley D. Rogers 29 Years
James B. Smith 29 Years
James L Bradberry 27 Years
Ron L Harvey 27 Years
James Brosius 26 Years
Tina Keim 26 Years
Andy Montandon 26 Years
Craig Polachek 26 Years