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Depositing money in inmate accounts
Most inmates have the privilege of ordering items from the commissary, and funds also are necessary to pay for barber services, medical expenses, court-imposed fines and restitution, etc.

An ATM-like machine allows visitors to deposit cash or use credit and debit cards to leave money in inmate accounts. Located in the lobby of the corrections facility, the machine was installed in partnership with commissary vendor Swanson Services Corp. It dispenses no funds, but gives the user a receipt of the transaction and makes the money available immediately to the receiving inmate.

A $2.75 convenience fee is charged for each transaction. Deposits made using the ATM are not subject to any limit, though the fee will be imposed for every $100 deposited.

Money orders will be accepted only through the U.S. mail. Orders of $100 or more will be subject to a 20-day hold. Any incomplete money orders also will be subject to the 20-day hold.

Money may be deposited to inmate accounts using Court Money. You will be able to use a credit/debit card or a check. Each transaction must include the inmate's name, number and facility code. A link to the flier is here.

Here is the link: Court Money