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Welcome to the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department website. I invite you to learn about what the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department is doing in the community by looking through the pages and links available here. Not only is there information on this website concerning the work of the department, but there are also many resources made available in order to promote safety and awareness.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Department is the first Sheriff's Department in the nation to be accredited and has proudly served Elkhart County with courage, pride and integrity since 1830.

Vision: The Elkhart County Sheriff Department’s employees will always strive:
• To serve our community through our core values;
• To uphold and protect the United States and the Indiana Constitutions;
• For the safety, security of, and preservation of the peace for anyone in Elkhart County; and
• To be the standard and leader in law enforcement and corrections; setting the bar high for all other agencies in Elkhart County.

Mission: Through our core values, we have the parameters of our mission as we endeavor towards the vision.

Service We will provide quality service in a courteous, responsive, efficient and accessible manner. We will fervently seek justice for victims of criminal acts. We will face danger or disaster with courage and boldness to resolve and mitigate the crisis. Information is a key to crime prevention; during ordinary times and during a crisis, we will keep our community informed and provide the opportunity for knowledge so they are empowered from becoming a victim.
Integrity We are committed to achieving the highest standards of performance, ethical conduct, and truthfulness, on and off duty. We will act professionally to all persons, being accountable for our actions. We will keep our Oath of Office, even if societal trends induce us otherwise. Transparency will be exhibited in expenditures and the budget process for inter-government and public trust.
Respect We will regard all people, whether fellow employees, inmates, or the public, with utmost respect and dignity, exhibiting when needed an understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity. We will treat all people impartially and with compassion, while displaying discretion and fairness for the situation.
Resourcefulness We will invest in our employees to allow them personal and professional success, providing for the development of future leaders and highly skilled staff. We will foster community partnerships, inter-agency cooperation, and employee involvement to solve community problems and enhance public safety. We will be innovative and proactive to reduce crime and increase traffic safety while utilizing programming and ministry inside the correctional facility to reduce recidivism.

Download your Elkhart County Sheriff's Department iPhone App here: Download your Elkhart County Sheriff's Department Android App here:

*Apps are for anonymous tips only. If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Appropriate Tips to Submit using the App:

    Provide information about drug dealers in your neighborhood
    Provide information about a wanted individual
    Provide information on a crime that patrol officers or detectives may need

Inappropriate Tips to Submit using the App:

    Report an emergency
    Report a reckless or suspected drunk driver
    Report a domestic dispute
    Report any issue that needs immediate officer assistance