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Service Awards - Recognizing Continuous Years of Service

40 Year Milestone:

Lon Smith Lon A. Smith began with the Sheriff's Department on December 16, 1974. During that time he has held the positions of Jail Officer, Jail Sergeant, Patrol Officer, Patrol Corporal, Training Sergeant and Training Corporal. What has kept Lon here for so many years is that, "I like my job and the ability to make a difference in serving the citizens, community, and Sheriff's Department." Lon counts his most memorable moment as designing and building the Elkhart County Firearms Outdoor Range. His most memorable supervisor was Sheriff Dick Bowman because of his leadership ability. He also remembers Walter "Skip" Miller as being a patient and knowledgeable Sergeant, who he learned a lot from. Lon notes that many things have changed over the last 40 years including: from Elkhart County Police to Elkhart County Sheriff, from 6 shot revolvers to 15 shot semi-auto Glock pistols, from carbon paper typewriters to computers and servers, from a night stick to pepper spray and tasers, from a hand-held radio to in-car comaeras and body cams and from a 150 inmate jail to a state of the art corrections complex with a 1,000 inmate capacity. Lon states that "it seems like yesterday that I was green behind the ears as a 21 year old rookie with the Sheriff's Department. Now, 40 years later, I am amazed at how fast it went. I plan to retire in teh next few years and enjoy life with my family." Lon is married to his wife Karen and together they have four adult children and 9 beautiful grandchildre. Lon enjoys bass fishing and vacationing with his wife.

30 Year Milestone:

Don Cramer Don Cramer has been with the Sheriff's Department since he beagan on January 2, 1985. Over the years, he has held the positions of Corrections Officer, Corrections Sergeant and Patrol Officer. Don's most memorable experience was when, "Sheriff Yohn and I caught three armed robbers at the Greyhound bus station on CR 6. Watching Sheriff Yohn attempt to pull his off duty weapon from an ankle holster on an icy parking lot was hilarious. Of course, I had to do the report." When asked how things have changed since he began in 1985, he commented on technology, "My first squad car had two switches in it and a 4-channel radio. By the time I retired from the Patrol Division, my squad car looked like the cockpit of a fighter jet."
John Perry John Perry has been with the Sheriff's Department since August 19, 1984. He started out as a part-time Work Crew Officer before moving on to the follwoing full-time positions: Jail Officer, Jail Sergeant, Patrol Officer, Patrol Corporal, Jail Captain, Patrol Captain, Detective, Corrections Lieutenant, and finally ending up back as a Corrections Captain.

25 Year Milestone:

Jim Bradberry James L. Bradberry has been with the Sheriff's Departemnt since he was 19 years old. He began as a Jail Officer/Work Crew Supervisor and has held the ranks of Work Services Officer, Patrol Officer, Patrol Corporal, Patrol Sergeant, Staff Lieutenant and is currently the Administrative Captain. He has also particpated in quite a few teams such as SCUBA, Crash Team and STAR. James shared his most memorable experience, "I had completed a fatality investigation and charges were brought against a driver for Reckless Homicide and Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, Causing Death. This went to trial and I was on the stand for over 5 hours. After all testimony and evidence was presented, hours of hard work paid off with the jury finding the driver guilty on the charges." James also fondly remembers Sergeant Milton Montandon as his most memorable supervisor, "He too me under his wings and got me off to a great start in that division. He always would find time to take a break with you at lunch and made me feel a part of the team." James has been married to his wife Joni for nearly 25 years and they have two children, Jamie and Jenna.
Ron Harvey Ron L. Harvey has been with the Sheriff's Department since January 17, 1989. He began as a Patrol Officer and later became a Detective in 1995, where he remained until 2013 when he moved to a position as a Corrections Investigator with the department. His most memorable times with the Sheriff's Department include solving homicide investigations and obtaining confessions. His most memorable supervisor was Sergeatn Milton Montandon. What has kept ron with the county all of these years is the steady employment and the retirement program. What Ron has seen change over the years is going from manual typewriters to computers, form writing memos to emails, and better communication overall.


Other Notable Milestones:

Michael J. Carich20 Year Milestone
Sean J. Holmes20 Year Milestone
Sharon M. Lowry20 Year Milestone
Donald A. McQuarie20 Year Milestone
Travis L. Adamson15 Year Milestone
William R. Caples15 Year Milestone
Vixay Inthivong15 Year Milestone
Kimberly A. Baxter10 Year Milestone
Barbara J. Bush10 Year Milestone
Daphne L. Coy10 Year Milestone
Michael D. Culp10 Year Milestone
Lane A. Gaby10 Year Milestone
Nicholas J. Gaff10 Year Milestone
David W. Lanzen10 Year Milestone
Kevin R. Miller10 Year Milestone
Bettina S. Brubaker5 Year Milestone
Jennifer Cortez5 Year Milestone
Joseph A. Doering5 Year Milestone
Jordan T. Ryall5 Year Milestone
Robert L. Smith5 Year Milestone


Employees With 25 or More Years of Continuous Service:

Diana L. Hoke 39 Years
Charles E. Payne 39 Years
Randall L. Cripe 36 Years
Susan G. Graves 36 Years
Randy K. Mockler 36 Years
Gerald C. Webb 36 Years
Fred E. Mock32 Years
Mary E. Letherman31 Years
Jayna K. Chenoweth27 Years
Bradley D. Rogers27 Years
James B. Smith27 Years