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Service Awards - Recognizing Continuous Years of Service

35 Year Milestone:

Randy Cripe Randy Cripe began with the Sheriff's Department on September 15, 1978 and has held a variety of positions from working in Corrections, serving criminal warrants, selective traffic enforcement, Patrol Duty, Patrol Corporal, Patrol Sergeant, Administration Lieutenant, Compliance Lieutenant, Work Release Director, and finally as the Sheriff's Department's Accreditation manager. Randy shared one of his most memorable experiences while working patrol. He had responded alone to a domestic call involving two women who were fighting over custody of a child. Once inside the house, he encountered a female with a handgun who, after several minutes of discussion, decided she did not want to talk anymore and fired a shot at him while he was in the kitchen. She then took off running to the bedroom where she shot herself. Long story short, through the Sheriff's Department first responder medical training, he ended up saving this person's life. Randy also shared fond memories of the late Milt Montandon who he described as "not your ordinary patrol sergeant and probably should have been a comedian." He was the kind of person who could get into trouble and use humor to get himself out of the situation. Randy also noted how much technology has changed in the past 35 years; including electronics, police weapons and equipment, and law enforcement training.
Sue Graves Sue Graves started with the Sheriff's Department on December 18, 1978, working in the office with records and warrants prior to becoming a Process Server in 1997, a position she still enjoys. Over the years, Sue has had many memorable experiences including being chased by a turkey and serving papers to a woman who answered the door in just her panty hose and a bra! She regularly keeps cat treats in her car for all the feral cats she encounters while serving papers. Sue also shared fond memories of the late Milt Montandon, stating, "we were like brother and sister; always bickering back and forth in a fun way." Sheriff Dick Bowman was also mentioned as a memorable supervisor, noting that things were much more relaxed during his term because there were fewer prisoners, criminals, and warrants. Today, case loads have increased to the point that it takes four full-time and one part-time staff to serve around 1,000 papers per month. She is glad that with the increased volume, things have progressed from huge, handwritten log books to computer databases and tracking. Sue is thanful for "a good, steady job all these years with insurance and vacation days," and is especially thankful for meeting her husband at work when they crossed paths because of his work as an Indiana State Police Detective. Sue and her husband have now been married 31 years and have two children and four grandchildren.
Randy Mockler Randy Mockler began with the Sheriff's Department on August 21, 1978 as a Merit Officer at the jail at the age of 18. At the age of 20, he moved to patrol where he stayed until 1995 when he changed to the Detective Bureau for a short time before moving into the Crime Lab in 1996. Although he retired from his Merit position in 2014, Randy still works in the Crime Lab as a Forensic Specialist thanks to Sheriff Rogers who created this civilian position. He counts as his most memorable achievement the completion of training at the National Forensic Academy in 2003 which included a very exceptional learning experience of time on the "Body Farm." In addition to remembering the unforgettable Walter "Skip" Miller, Randy said "Thanks, Charlie!" to Charlie Payne who is credited with helping him meet his lovely wife of 31 years, Cindy. He noted numerous changes in the last 35 years, including changing from typewriters to computers, film cameras to digital, and moving through three different jail buildings into the current Law Enforcement Center. He still has things he wants to accomplish in the crime lab, including training the new officer who now takes retiree Dennis Chapman's place. Randy and his wife have one child, one grandson, and they love to travel.

30 Year Milestone:

Mary Letherman Mary Letherman began her career with Sheriff's Department on August 8, 1983 as a receptionist when she was 18 years old. She also worked in the Records Division before being promoted to her present position of Civil Process Server in 1992. Mary said, "It was very special being able to work with my dad. I started working with him when I was 18 and I learned a lot." Mary's father, Dick Bowman, was Sheriff when she began. Mary's mother-in-law, Bette Letherman, worked for the Treasurer's Office. Mary and her husband, Lad, have been married 25 years and have one son who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mary said, "I am very grateful for my job and am thankful for the job security."

25 Year Milestone:

Deb Hohman Deb Hohman started with the Sheriff's Department when she began on September 27, 1988 as a Receptionist doing tax warrant collections, and now works as a Process Server. She has stayed with the department because she enjoys the work and everyone she works with. She shared that Julie Dijkstra was her most memorable supervisor and gave credit to Diana Hoke who was her "side kick" through Sheriff Books' term. She said that each Sheriff has changed things in their administration which has kept it "enjoyable and interesting." Deb was married for 33 years and has been a widow now for almost 9 years. She has one son who works for Manchester University in North Manchester, IN. Deb loves to camp and has learned to ride a motorcycle; "a Harley of course!"


Other Notable Milestones:

Jeffrey W. Stutsman20 Year Milestone
Belinda K. Anglemeyer10 Year Milestone
Stephanie A. Bigler10 Year Milestone
Myron D. Branch10 Year Milestone
William T. Fackelman10 Year Milestone
Jessica C. Maack10 Year Milestone
Jeremy T. Stout10 Year Milestone
Jason C. Sunday10 Year Milestone
Tamara L. Bagarus5 Year Milestone
Tammy R. Bline5 Year Milestone
Bette E. Blough5 Year Milestone
Casey J. Claeys5 Year Milestone


Employees With 25 or More Years of Continuous Service:

Diana L. Hoke38 Years
Charles E. Payne38 Years
Fred E. Mock31 Years
Donald C. Cramer29 Years
John G. Perry29 Years
Jayna K. Chenoweth26 Years
Bradley D. Rogers26 Years
James B. Smith26 Years