Elkhart County Sheriff's Office

Administrative Services

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division is the center for dissemination of information. This division is responsible for:

  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Storing and releasing criminal and crash records
  • Processing gun permits
  • Fingerprinting for various reasons including registered nurses, realty licenses, etc.
  • Administering sex or violent offender registration updates
  • Handling the  civil responsibilities on court process and income tax warrants
  • Processing and conducting Sheriff’s Sales for foreclosed properties
  • Processing bond information to send to the court
  • Sorting incoming mail for the Administration building
  • HR responsibilities such as keeping track of employee raises and other pay issues, processing family medical leave time and light duty time
  • Updating and maintaining the Elkhart County Sheriff's Office website and social media outlets
  • Releasing media information to the public

Captain James Bradberry

Capt. James Bradberry, Administrative Services Division

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Captain James Bradberry began working with the Elkhart County Sheriff's Office in 1989 as a corrections officer.  He was promoted into the Patrol division in 1992 and has held the ranks of Patrolman, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and currently holds the rank of Administrative Captain.  He oversees records, process, tax warrants, sheriff's sales, recruitment, and media relations.