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Posting bond
Corrections officials in Elkhart County want individuals to limit their stay in the facility and return to their family, jobs and community. The posting of bail for pre-trial inmates is a route for this to occur.

Inmates eligible to bond will have the procedure explained by officers. Inmates must have valid, government-issued identification; if they do not possess one at the time of booking, one must be presented by the person bonding the individual.

Surety bonds are used by bondsmen to facilitate the release of an individual. For 10 percent of the court-imposed bond amount, a person can be released from jail. The bonds business is competive, and we make bondsmen follow strict guidelines and keep relevant information on file in the sheriff’s office.

Questions about bondsmen business practices should be directed to the investigations division of the Indiana Department of Insurance, 317-233-9431. Corrections officers cannot and will not suggest a bondsmen or give advice.

New Cash Bond Procedures
Cash bonds are the full amount of the bond set by the court. The person paying the bond must produce a valid government-issued photo ID. (The absence of a photograph for religious reasons will be allowed.) The inmate and the person paying the bond will sign a receipt.

The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department has seen a substantial increase in the number of cash bond requests. Currently, members of the public walk into the lobby at any time and present funds for a cash bond and wait until the process is completed. With a small number of bonds, this system worked well. However, as the numbers have increased, we have found that we cannot efficiently serve a large number of persons waiting on cash bonds at the same time. This has resulted in extended wait times for persons to be processed out of the jail.

Due to the rise in number of cash bond requests being made, the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department will be implementing a scheduling system to more efficiently manage these releases. Persons who wish to bond a person from the jail using a cash bond should contact the facility at 574-891-2140 and schedule a time for the release. Persons will not be turned away if they are not scheduled but unscheduled bonds are likely to have a significant wait time as scheduled bonds will be processed first.

Certain times of the day are unavailable for bonding as we have to limit inmate movement. These times include formal inmate counts that occur at shift change and feeding times. Bonds will not be scheduled during formal counts.

Persons wishing to reduce the amount of time required to post a cash bond are encouraged to schedule the bond before arriving.