Elkhart County Sheriff's Office


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As a Corrections Officer, I help people.

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I want to be the change that I want to see in the world. The Sheriff’s Office embraces this environment. This is the culture I want to work in and do what I can to change what I can control.

Building community members through Corrections

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If you are looking for a career where you make a difference every day, joining the Corrections team at ECSO may be the right next step for you. The men and women who put on the ECSO uniform believe in the professionalism of the job and recognize they represent the Sheriff. Corrections officers believe in treating the citizens under our care with dignity and respect while keeping them safe and providing tools for life after incarceration.

We don't take our power lightly. Here are a few of the ways we hold our officers accountable.

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At the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office, we acknowledge the power and authority that comes with being in law enforcement. We honor the badge, but we realize there are “police officers” across the country who tarnish its image with their actions or beliefs. We don’t take our power lightly, and we have policies and procedures in place so officers are not able to abuse it.