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Ask-the-Sheriff column archive
Sheriff Bradley Rogers writes a column in the Goshen News addressing questions he is often asked as a sheriff. This column covers a variety of issues and topics related to law enforcement and the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department. The Elkhart County Sheriff's Department considers this an excellent resource and compiles these articles here for you to access. Therefore, if you missed an Ask-the-Sheriff piece in the Goshen News, wanted to read an article for the second time, or wished to share an article with a friend - you may find them here!

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Ask-the-Sheriff column archive
Booby Traps, Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground
School Resource Officers
Teen Alcohol and Drug Use; Perceptions and Reality
Jury Duty
911 Dispatchers
Pepper Spray and Self Defense
Gun Control Laws
Handgun Licenses
Craigslist Safety Tips
Funeral Processions and Passengers in the Bed of a Truck
Burglary Prevention
Process Servers and Passing at Intersections
Deadly Force
Sheriff Sales
Civil Asset Forfeiture
Operating While Intoxicated
Sheriff's Posse
Tribute to Deputy Jerry Webb
Importance of Oath of Office
Never Receiving a License and Under-body Lights
One Day in the Life of a Patrol Officer (Part 2)
One Day in the Life of a Patrol Officer
Proposed Rate Increases for Officers
Juvenile Detention Location and Family Visitation of Inmates
Release of Information and Evictions
Misconceptions of Body Cams (Part 2)
Misconceptions of Body Cams (Part 1)
Meth Trash Labs
Fatal Crash Investigations
Who Made you Judge
Why are the New Cars White and Why use Online Reporting
Inmate Communication
Indiana Knife Laws
Sovereign State
Change in Moped Laws
Youth Program - Explorers
ECSD National Accreditation
MRAP Vehicles
Tips and 911
Reducing Recidivism
Indiana Bicycling Laws
ID and Miranda
Keeping the Sheriff an Elected Office
Becoming a Chaplain
Local Police Role
Citizens Arrest
Emergency Declarations
4th Amendment and Communications
Tips for Being Prepared
Old Jail, New Jail
Crime and Social Media
Carrying a Handgun
Stop and Frisk
Inmate Medical Care Payment
Genuine Officer or Imposter
Traffic Stops
A Day in the Life of an Inmate
Rights and Liberties
Video recording police officers
Dangerous Things Drivers/Passengers Do
Leaving your child home alone
Project Lifesaver
Elkhart County Jail Chaplaincy
Responsibilities of the Sheriff, part II
Elkhart County Correctional Officers
Responsibilities of the Sheriff
Oath or enforce
Seat Belt Laws
Carrying a firearm
Reducing crime in Elkhart County
Protecting our greatest treasures
Introduction to column