Elkhart County Sheriff's Office

Office of the Sheriff Honors

Office of the Sheriff Honors

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Department recognizes officers and civilians for work or actions going above and beyond the call of duty. These honors presented are rare and meaningful.

Department captains review all nominations and make recommendations to the sheriff for final approval.


Meritorious Service

The Meritorious Service award is given to a person with a connection to the department lasting 20 years or more, who has made considerable contributions to the Elkhart County Sheriff's Office while serving high ethics and professionalism.





Dick Bowman (1986)
Richard Peters (1992)
Lowell "Bud" Berry (1997)
Noah Schrock (2007)
Mike Books (2010)


The Lifesaving honor is presented when an employee has intervened directly to prevent life-threatening illness or injury during the course of duty.






Lon Smith (1986)
Jean Sedlar (1989)
Sheldon Brown (1993)
Don Cramer (1995)
 Christopher Grathen (1998)
Mike McHenry (1998)
Jim Smith (2000)
Sharon Lowry (2003)
John Rosson (2006)
Jeremy Overmyer (2008)
Todd Horner (2008)
Scott Gould (2008)
Michael Bennett (2008)
Casey Lehman (2009)
Antonio Mantey (2015)
Scott Frey (2016)
Joe Milovich (2016)
Justin Yoder (2016)
Jeremy Overmyer (2018)
Casey Polachek (2018)
Andrew Miller (2018)
Derek Lundgren (2020)

Medal of Valor

The Medal of Valor is awarded to an employee for an act or deed exhibiting uncommon heroism in the face of extreme danger.






Rick Drinkwine (1994)


Citizenship is dedicated to non-employees who display substantial support to the Office of the Sheriff, improving the overall direction, volunteering time, or offering assistance when life of a department employee is in jeopardy.





Marlene Bontrager (2006)
Jenna Coleman (2007)